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School Counseling

St. Paul School Counselors are Partners in Student Achievement

St. Paul School Counselors promote the personal/social, career, and academic growth and development of PreK-12 students. Our school counseling program curriculum is a standards based, integrated component of the educational agenda of the school. Comprehensive school counseling programs, designed to meet the needs of all students, and support student success.

Learn more about the American School Counselors AssociationSt Paul Public Schools K-5 Guidance Program and the Office of College and Career Readiness

What Do Elementary School Counselors Teach?

  • Academic Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal & Social Development

What Can My Elementary School Counselor Do For Me?

  • Services for Students
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Individual Counseling Services
  • Group Counseling Services
  • Services for Families
  • Communication about your student's learning
  • Provide information about and connecting families to support your child’s learning, growth, and well-being
  • Communication about home situations that is impacting student learning
  • Education on supporting student achievement, educational planning, parenting, mental health and more
  • Information on and referrals to community resources
  • Services for Educators
  • Consultation about individual student learning and behavioral needs
  • Develop and help implement individual student interventions to support achievement and learning success
  • Professional Development regarding student behavior needs and interventions to support student learning
  • Provide to support individualized student needs and education on behavior and mental health
  • Services for Learning Communities
  • Coordinate people and resources in the community to benefit students
  • Impact the entire learning community through advocacy and leadership
  • Provide leadership to accomplish the school’s improvement plan and district’s mission

Learn more about why Elementary Counselors benefit students.