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"Speech and language skills are the building blocks we use to construct satisfying school, work, and home lives. These building blocks are the foundation from which all academic success is built."

Speech and language services are available to students at Cherokee Heights who have qualified based on evaluation and assessment results which show an area of need within expressive and receptive communication skills, articulation skills, fluency, and others.

What should I do if I have concerns with my child's speech or language?

Begin by talking to your child's classroom teacher. He or she will be happy to hear your concerns and let you know if they are seeing the same things in the classroom. I , along with your child's classroom teacher will try some strategies in the classroom (called interventions) to help your child. If you or the teacher are still concerned after these interventions, we will consider whether we move forward with an evaluatation of your child's speech and language skills.

Information from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) provides information about typical speech and language development and concerns you may have.

What is a speech and language evaluation?

If we decide to evaluate your child's speech and language, a team of special education teachers will meet with you to develop a plan. When we evaluate speech and language we use different tests designed to look at different areas of speech or language, including receptive language(how well your child understands language), expressive language (how well your child uses language), and speech sounds. These tests will help us understand your child and what we can do to help him or her. Once the testing is complete, our special education team will meet with you again to discuss whether your child has qualified for speech and language services.

Criteria for Qualification

Students must meet the criteria listed under one of the areas to receive speech and language services.
This is a long process.  Please be patient but know that you are free to call me or your child's classroom teacher and that I will be in contact with you whenever I have information for you.

What if my child qualifies for speech and language services?

If a student qualifies for speech and language services, they will be seen by the speech-language pathologist (myself) throughout the week during scheduled days and times. Every speech student will have an IndividualizedEducation Plan (IEP) that states the goals and objectives the student will be working towards in order to help them make gains with their communication skills and to help them be successful within the classroom.

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